Why Should I Start a Pest Control Franchise?

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Pest control franchises have become more popular in recent years as it’s considered a safe and relatively cheap franchise to start up. With the current expectations for safety and cleanliness rising each year, it may come as no surprise that demand for pest control services has also increased.

Why Should I Start a Pest Control Franchise | Pest Control Franchise Opportunities In the UK

UK Pest Control

The UK pest control franchise market has been doing well because of several influencing factors, some of which cannot be blamed on anything more than a natural human trend. What we mean by this, is that often the rise of pests is because humans create the environment for which they can prosper, for example rats love discarded food and trash. This means the natural human trend of population growth, like we are seeing in the UK will directly influence the amount of trash and therefor the number of rats we see.

Another, not so quite unblameable influencer for the growth of pest control franchise demand is that a lot of local authorities have been reducing cost due to austerity measures the UK government have imposed. This has resulted in free pest control services being withdrawn for many local areas. According to the British Pest Control Association, a total of 501,595 pest treatments were carried out in 2013-2014, this is significantly less than the 679,110 carried out in 2010-2011. The shortfall of free services the government is giving out has been a big benefit for private and franchise businesses that offer pest control. 

Pest control is essential even in places you might consider as too clean to harbour such pest. This may surprise you but according to BPCA, based on the data from 62 trusts, the expenditure on pest control in hospitals has increased over 26% to a staggering £815,855. This information demonstrates that even the cleanest places still require pest control businesses and franchises.

Advantages of Pest Control Franchises

Choosing to start any franchise instead of a traditional business ownership has its own advantages, as seen here Advantages of being a Franchisee. Whereas, starting a pest control franchise has unique advantages that you don’t see in many franchise markets.

Consistently Secure Business

Due to what it is you are dealing with, a pest control franchisee can feel safe that overall demand for services in their market will continue to be strong for the foreseeable future, no matter the economic performance of the country. This is because pests do not care about how well a country is doing, they only want to thrive and reproduce and if given the opportunity, they can achieve this in most places in the UK.

The other reason its so secure is that pest will always be something that businesses and home owners will want to remove from their property as it can cause an infestation. Infestations at a place of work will mean expensive pest control bills, potential loss of operational time and negative brand confidence if it goes public. Where in homes an infestation will lead to safety concerns for your family and again expensive pest control bills.

Low Investment Cost Franchise

A pest control franchise requires considerably less investment than a lot of other franchise sectors due to the requirements needed to set up a new franchise. You don’t need a fixed premise, large costly equipment or a large number of experienced or skilled employees. You can get started with your own van, which has marketing on it to reduce cost even further, for which you take around as your portable place of work, servicing people by yourself.

The fact it’s a low investment cost franchise to start up means it can appeal to more people and that you can also expect to see profits sooner.

Pestforce Franchise Opportunity

Pestforce is the UK largest pest control franchise with a proven track record of excellent support, training and expertise provided to their new franchisees. With over 20 years’ experience and 68 franchisees, you can trust that they have honed their franchisee training and set up process to ensure you get the best opportunity to succeed.

They don’t require any specific academic qualifications to apply, they are more focused on the characteristics of the person to ensure that they are up for the task as it will include a lot of hard work and drive to make this a success.

With a minimum investment of £16,000, you can expect training provided upon successful applications with an estimated earning potential of £25,000 - £35,000 in the first year.

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