Why Home Based Franchises are so Popular

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The range of franchises we have on offer means we can facilitate the industry interests of most aspiring franchisees. The surprising trend we are seeing more and more is that the industry isn’t always the most important aspect to evaluate for a franchisee when selecting a franchise opportunity. Those seeking a more flexible lifestyle may choose convenience as the most important factor when considering each opportunity. This has given rise to the trend of aspiring franchisees choosing home based franchise opportunities, so they can control their lifestyle at the same time as their work.

Why Home Based Franchises are so Popular | Business Consulting Franchise | Start Your New Franchise

Benefits for Home Based Franchisees

They’re multiple benefits available for those who choose a home based franchise opportunity but ultimately it comes down to what is driving the interest for the franchisee as to whether being home based would be of interest to them.

Wasted Time

Nobody likes to sit in traffic or to be waiting on a platform for a delayed train, but these are common problems for those who commute to work every day. When you are home based your daily commute would consist of the walk from your bed in the morning to your desk in the adjacent room. The other time-wasting activities you get to skip are the likes of pointless meetings, social chit chat whilst getting a coffee and being distracted by colleagues asking how to load a printer.

The cumulative sum of all these time-wasting activities means those that get to work from home might get an extra hour or two a day to be productive. When you consider franchisees will be running their own business, the amount of time they put into it will directly influence their performance and pay, so working from home is even more attractive for franchisees.

Happier & Productive

Work can be stressful, it’s something that a lot of people will agree with no matter where they work. The stress of work cannot be completely removed, but it can be decreased. Not having a strict working day, working from your couch on a cold day and being able to spend more time with your family are all areas that will reduce stress and make you happier.

It’s well known that if you improve the happiness of your staff, it will improve their productivity, and this is no different for franchises. If a franchisee can manage their workload effectively without straying away to the many potential distractions at home, the aspect of working from home whilst managing a franchise is something that will drive their productivity.

Decreased Costs

Costs are something that can give anyone a headache, its something that determines how we can live our lives and therefor any reduction in cost will give you an opportunity to spend it elsewhere. Not having to commute to work, not having to purchase an expensive office space and being able to eat from your fridge instead of going to the local coffee shop are all areas home based franchisees can save money.

Types of Home Based Franchise Opportunities

As previously mentioned, we offer a large range of industries for aspiring franchisees to choose from, but only a selection of these will be home based. You will find that many of the franchise industries will have at least one franchise that will offer some form of working from home. When you look closely though, you will notice that some industries offer more home based franchise opportunities, please see such industries below:

IT Franchise Opportunities

As the largest influencers to the rise of home based franchise opportunities is the ability to communicate and work remotely using technological advances, it won’t surprise you that IT franchises often offer home based franchise opportunities.

Eazi-Apps is a prime example of this method, they utilise technology to commute between franchisees and the developers that create the tools, so being present in an office doesn’t provide any benefit.

Van Based Franchise Opportunities

This is a variant of a home based franchise as your working day will be different depending on what you do and the work you have on. With van based franchises, you will be required to leave your home to facilitate your services to a client, but your office will be based at your home. These opportunities are for aspiring franchisees that want to have their office at home but still want to get out and about.

Mac Tools Franchise is a great example of this, where you will have to use your van to travel to each client but in-between you will be at your home managing your franchise territory.

Business Consulting Franchise Opportunities

Anyone who works as a consultant already will understand that your place of work is consistently moving. Consultants often must go into the client’s place of work for meetings, workshops or to audit their current systems. This is the reason why many business consulting franchise opportunities are home based, as franchisors understand there isn’t much need for an office space if the franchisee isn’t going to be there a lot of the time anyway.

Business Doctors understands that working from home is very beneficial to their model in terms of keeping investment cost down for the opportunities and keeping franchisees motivated and productive.

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