Why Ex-Military are Perfect Franchise Opportunity Candidates

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Serving your country requires an immense amount of character and takes up a significant portion of your life. Those that have decided it’s time to end their military career now have to transition back into civilian life, which can be a very daunting prospect.  Ex-military personnel often find it difficult to find a job which suits the traits they’ve developed during their service, which is where franchising becomes an attractive solution.

Why Ex-Military are Perfect Franchise Opportunity Candidates | Start Your New Franchise

Ex-Military Franchising Traits

Ex-military franchise candidates are sought after in the franchise industry as franchisors know what being a service person requires and what traits are developed during this career. The saying “not everybody is right for the military” is correct, it requires certain characteristics to follow every command, put yourself in danger and keep up moral during the worst situations. It requires somebody that can push themselves further than they have before with the drive to not only succeed, but to be the best.

Those characteristics are something which military applicants need to have before they even apply, but during their service, they also develop some of the hardest and most sought-after traits in the franchise industry. Self-discipline, self-motivation, teamworking and initiative are just some of these traits ex-military personnel hold. It is easy to see how these transition into franchising when you consider what makes a franchisee successful. Typical successful franchisees have the ability to drive themselves, lead and work with their team whilst maintaining constant attention to detail in following the latest processes and procedures.

Transition into Civilian Life

When you consider that ex-military personnel are used to working anytime that is asked of them, their military lives are vastly different to a traditional life that comes with a 9-5 job. Being a franchisee isn’t a 9-5 job, it requires your constant attention and even though you can manage your time, you will find yourself working later or over weekends. This is where being ex-military suits the daily life of a franchisee.

The aspects of business knowledge and skills are something that isn’t directly required in a military position, something which when applying for jobs, makes it hard to stand out from the crowd. Where franchising is different, is that they provide training on their industry and provide procedures and processes to follow for every new franchisee. This makes it incredibly less important to have knowledge and experience in the industry before applying to a position.

Many ex-military find it hard to locate a suitable job that not only interest them, but where they also have the required experience. Franchisors however, are more interested in the characteristics over the experience of a person, which is why franchising is a much easier transition for ex-military.

Relationship with the Franchisor

Something which is often misunderstood by civilians is that service personnel are required to do a lot more than just follow orders. We all know that no matter how good your intelligence or data is, how long you prepare or how detailed your plan is, unforeseen circumstances will still occur. This is why ex-military hold a unique trait of not only being able to follow commands, but also being able to think on their feet and make some of the hardest decisions humans can face.

Being a franchisee does mean you will manage your franchise unit, so you need that ability to make decisions and take initiative, but you do not have complete control. They’re procedures and processes you must follow, which you cannot go against as they are the foundation of what makes the franchise. The ability to do both, follow orders without dissent and make decisions using initiative is something not many people hold. A franchisor wants to find somebody that can do both, so they have a positive relationship built on respect with an understanding of what is required from both parties.

What Franchise Opportunity is Right for You?

You only need to take a look at our franchise industries to see how many vastly different fields you can start a franchise in. Choosing the right franchise for you is very important as it isn’t like a normal job, it requires an initial investment and you will likely be working there for a considerable amount of time. This is why we want to emphasise that you conduct as much research as possible.

We at Start Your New Franchise have created a lot of useful content in our franchise news section that will help, but when you are researching industries, don’t forget to research yourself. Knowing what drives and interests you are essential in selecting a franchise, as nobody wants to be stuck in a job they don’t like. We recommend the first thing you do is take the time to understand yourself.