Why are Sports Franchises doing so well?

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Sports franchises are very popular at the moment and that’s not just because its January and people are joining sports teams to get fit for summer. Sports franchises are leading the way in the UK because of the many benefits they provide to children and adults alike.

Why Are Sports Franchises Doing Well | Start Your New Franchise | Sporting Franchise Opportunities

Benefits of Sports

Joining a local sports franchise provides multiple benefits and they range in how they help you. The most obvious benefit is health, as sports require participants to be active, get the blood flowing and the heart beating. This won’t be news to most as this benefit has been well documented for a long time, however the extent of this benefit will surprise most. Health benefits of playing sports can include:

  • Healthy Heart
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Stronger Bones
  • Weight Control
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Improved Breathing

A lot of these benefits can be gained by also going to the gym, so why are sports franchises prospering? The answer is two-fold, firstly, many people don’t want to be stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike for an hour as its tedious and unmotivating. Secondly, they’re many more advantages of playing sports that cannot be gained whilst at the gym.

Social Aspect of Sports Franchises

Sports franchises range in what they offer for people to participate in, however you shall notice that most involve some aspect of teamplay and social interaction. This interaction that you gain from joining a local sports team or group will provide you a new group of people you will have to work, communicate and play with.

Humans are social beings that need a certain level of human interaction to be happy and healthy, and sports franchises go one step further than this. A sports franchise will group randomly selected participants to work together as a team to challenge the opposing team. The additional benefits that this brings to participants are:

  • Teamwork
  • Improved Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Positive Attitude
  • Improved Self-Esteem

It is clear to see how many benefits are possible from joining a sports team or group and the additional benefits such as teamwork is extra beneficial to children as these activities will help set them up to be more productive in society.

Sport Participation in the UK

As mentioned above, the range of sports available for sport franchises is large and that’s because they’re so many types of sports available in the UK. The reason we have so many sports available is because as a nation, we love our sports, but not just one, we love many and want to be the best at them all. This is great for consumers as you will always be able to find something that interest you as such a great selection exists, however starting a sports franchise needs more analysis than just what interest you, its important to know how many people are playing each sport.

According to the BBC we have seen a large decline in 2 particular sports which were both heavy hitters previously. Cycling participation fell 4% with athletics dropping by a massive 5% to 108,400 participants. This demonstrates that whilst sports are generally doing well you need to anticipate that sport trends change, and this shift may only be the start for these two. The reason it is expected that this may only be the begging of this decline is that these sports still do well with the middle-aged range, but they aren’t generating interest in younger people. This is a problem as the middle aged participates will reach a point where they can no longer participate, and nobody is replacing their positions.

This isn’t an issue for the likes of football, with an increase of 29,900 to a staggering 1.84 million participants, football definitely is a sport that is going to continue to be popular for some time. This is why out of all the sports franchises we have on offer, one of our best performing has got to be Leisure Leagues.

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