Van Based Franchises: On the Move!

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If you’ve recently read our previous article on Franchise Trends for 2017 you will see that van based franchises are on the rise! This growing trend is for two main reason; firstly, there is a large demand for the services that are on offer and secondly, convenience is large influencer for many consumers in this day and age.

Van Franchisee Traits

It may seem strange to some, but van-based franchises can be dramatically different due to how many different markets they’re able to operate in; however, this does mean that the average traits needed to be successful when owning a van-based franchise can differ immensely. For example, if you are operating a fleet of pet grooming van franchises, being comfortable around animals is essential but, if you are single van unit car repair franchise, then mechanical experience with automobiles would be useful.

Even though the main aspect of what your selling differs immensely, they’re some traits required for van-based franchisees that are the same in any market. First and foremost, you need to be able to drive a van - this isn’t just for those that will operate from a van. This is obvious if you’re starting a single van franchise, but it’s also important if you plan to operate a fleet with a team of drivers; if, for any reason, one day you don’t have enough van operators, it’s not uncommon for the franchise owner to jump in a van and take over its duties for the day. The other important trait that every franchisee needs for this type of franchise is customer services skills, this is more important than most franchises as a lot of these types of franchises require you to enter the homes of your customers which requires a great deal of trust.

Van Based Franchises on the Move | Top Automotive Franchise Opportunities within the UK

Van Based Franchise Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a van-based franchisee, then take a look at some of the best we have to offer:

MAC Tools

With franchisees based in the US, Japan, Canada and the UK, you can trust that MAC Tools has the experience & knowledge required to drive a very successful franchise model. With over 30 years of support from Stanley Back and Decker, they have experienced unprecedented growth in their UK industry at a rate 20 times faster than the market average.

With an earning potential of £50,000 - £75,000 you are expected to reach the minimum invest level of £5,000, for this you will be given training upon successful applications.

For further information take a look here – MAC Tools Franchise Opportunity

Autostone Group

With extensive plans for expansion in the UK, this exciting opportunity has a lot of growth opportunities for those interested in the automotive repair industry. They are seeking individuals that have passion and drive to not only make a success of the Autostone franchise but also to join their family ethos.

They require a minimum investment of £29,995, but do have funding options on offer to reach this threshold and for this you can expect to earn from £30,000 to anything you can reach by maximising your revenue potential.

For further information take a look here – Autostone Group Franchise Opportunity

Starchip Enterprise

Your daily business will be within a state-of-the-art branded mobile fish and chip shop, where you can expect to meet people from all walks of life during your regular routes, to the more bespoke private events, weddings, caravan parks etc.

They are seeking individuals with excellent people skills, strive for first class customer service and have a hard-working desire to make this franchise opportunity a success, however no previous experience is needed as training will be provided if successful.

You can expect to earn between £40,000 - £50,000 a year and to start this exciting opportunity you will be required to reach the minimum investment level of £30,000.

For further information take a look here – Starchip Enterprise Franchise Opportunity


Autovaletdirect offers aspiring franchisees a chance to work with an established and proven concept with one of the UK’s leading mobile valeting franchises. Independently owned for 29 years, it has a proven track record for its excellent service which leads towards it well-respected reputation.

As this opportunity requires a lot of physical activity, they are seeking individuals that are physically fit and also have a lot of enthusiasm to make this a success.

With a minimum investment level of £10,000 you will receive training upon successful applications and from this you can expect earnings up to £1,000 a working week.

For further information take a look here – Autovaletdirect Franchise Opportunity