UK Education Franchises: On the Rise?

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Education in the UK, as with most other countries is a vital contribution to the development of children which has led to the increase of additional education franchises to give parents the opportunity to provide their children with the best chance in this ever-changing world. Education, by all means, isn’t the only determining factor that decides the success of an individual, however not many would disagree that it is most likely the largest influencer and education franchisors know this.

UK Education World Rankings

(According to OECD)

The overall findings from the report shows that East Asian countries are out-performing the rest of the world and the less developed countries are coming out at the bottom; this is mainly down to the levels of educational focus amongst children in these countries. Singapore is leading by far across the board where they have placed 1st for reading, Science and Maths, the three areas on which the report focuses on.

The UK’s performance is a mixed bag of results, where we have dropped in score overall but have increased in rankings for two areas; in science, we have improved our position from 21st to 15th but our average score has gone from 514, to 509. This is a similar result with our reading score where we are now 21st from our 2012 position of 23rd, but we actually worsened our score from 499, to 498. These increase in positions but decrease in score is slightly worrying in terms of global performance as it indicates that globally we are decreasing in educational performance, however the UK can be relieved that we aren’t decreasing at the same rate as the rest of the world.

The main area of concern is our Maths performance, where we went from 26th with a 494 score to 27th with a 492 score. The Maths score, compared to the other scores, doesn’t present a concern however it’s change in rank that poses a concern; we aren’t progressing with the rest of the world in terms of our Maths ability and, considering its one of the most important area of study, it presents a disconcerting trend for the future of our country. The other key stat that’s a concern is the fact the around 22% of 15 years olds didn’t reach level 2 in Maths, which is considered the baseline requirement for Maths problems routinely faced by adults in their daily lives.

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Educational Franchises on the Rise

When you look at the above stats you may think that educational franchises aren’t doing well when in fact it’s the opposite. Parents are seeking to provide their children with the best opportunity in life and they do that by ensuring that they have the best education, as children.

The results from the OCED reports may be the reason for some parents are seeking out extra education, as they believe it to demonstrate that schools aren’t doing enough to educate children alone. The other big influencer for this trend is likely to be the increase in difficulty of entrance exams for children to attend the highest performing schools. The choice of which school your children will attend, goes through every parent’s mind as they know that the level of education provided to a child usually depends on the school that they attend.

Extra education does provide children with more opportunities but it isn’t the only thing that parents are trying to achieve; one reason a parent may take their children to an educational franchise is that parents are limited with the time they have available to entertain their family. Busy parents struggle to provide their children with enough activities to keep them active, and extracurricular activities, such as educational after school tutoring, provide parents a safe and productive environment to keep their children occupied.

The UK has a plethora of options for additional education and the franchise market makes these offerings even more diversified. Educational franchises don’t just focus on the national curriculum, they also offer a creative element as many parents are following a trend that considers creative elements of education as important as core skills. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find franchise opportunities that focuses on core skills, it means that there is an option for what would suit you as an aspiring franchisee, to focus on your strengths, instead of just maths, reading and science.

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