Top Recruitment Franchise Opportunities

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If you’ve been in a professional setting for a couple of years now, chances are you’ve been approached by a recruiter offering you a fantastic job opportunity, but according to the most recent report, perhaps it’s a recruitment franchise job you should be asking about.

Recruitment Franchise Market Performance

The recruitment industry appears to be booming with an increase of 9% from the previous year; the value to the UK market in 2016 was £35.1 billion (according to Recruitment & Employment Confederation).  This sum was mainly contributed by the 9,565 recruitment agencies operating in the UK that all had an annual turnover exceeding £250,000.

The recruitment industry hasn’t escaped the grasps of the impending Brexit, which seemed to promise negative impressions on UK industries, however, the recruitment forecast looks good and Brexit is likely to be a good influencer for the market. Brexit is likely to lessen the income of prospect job candidates from EU citizens and this shallowing of the employee pool will potentially result in less applicants for UK listed job roles. This decrease in hopefuls will increase the likelihood that companies will use recruitment agencies to help fill their positions as they are unable to do it by themselves.

With the candidate availability naturally reducing in the UK market by a decrease in unemployment, plus Brexit, the recruitment market is expected to grow between 2.9% – 6.9% next year.

Now we know the market exists, for aspiring franchisees, it’s also important to understand what sort of income you are to expect from this franchise opportunity. The margins that are received from staffing is where recruitment franchises make money; up to 26% are securing margins of 20% or more and only 1% of agencies are securing below 10% margins. The figures demonstrate that income isn’t an issue, as long as you negotiate your contracts with dexterity.

Top Recruitment Franchise Opportunities | Healthcare & Driver Recruitment | Start Your New Franchise

Recruitment Franchise Opportunities

Start Your New Franchise seeks out some of the most established and experienced franchises out there, to offer aspiring franchisers an option for any market they are interested in and here are some of the top recruitment franchise agencies we have to offer:

Match Option Franchise

A specialised healthcare management recruitment franchise that provides healthcare staffing, such as healthcare assistants and nurses. They operate from a long-established business model that supplies temporary and permanent staff to regulated organisations, like care homes and hospitals.

They work in a specialised sector that will always have a demand, with local and national contracts, and with some of the most prestigious clients. It’s a financially lucrative business sector that has proven growth potential and longevity.

They are looking for aspiring franchisees that care about people and have great management and business development skills, as you will work with people from all walks of life.

Its minimum investment level is £30,000 and training will be provided for successful franchisees.

Take a look at the Match Option Franchise Opportunity


Driver Hire Franchise

The UK’s largest specialised transport & logistics recruitment franchise, which boasts a substantial office coverage with over 100 in the UK. The majority of candidates that you will recruit will be the drivers, for local companies, that the agency will often have a long-standing relationship with.

Established over 30 years ago, they offer temporary & permanent driving jobs to companies across the UK.

With 40 franchisees earning over £1m turnover in 2017, it’s not a surprise that they are three-time winners of the BFA’s prestigious “Franchisor of the Year” award.

They are looking for aspiring franchisees that have a positive can-do attitude, which typically have great customer service skills and have managed a team effectively before.

Its minimum investment level is £35,000 and training will be provided for successful franchisees.

Take a look at the Driver Hire Franchise Opportunity