The Rise of Computer Franchises

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Even a mere 60 years ago, most people wouldn’t understand the term “computer” but now, in this day and age, it’s part of daily life – a tool so essential that a large percentage of the population wouldn’t be able to do their job without the aid of some form of computer.  It’s an essential tool because it is so versatile in what it can do, however this versatility makes it incredibly complex where most computer users can only use a fraction of functions available. The demand of computers and the complexity involved in servicing all its features has created one of the largest industries in the market and the Computer & IT Franchise Market is trying help alleviate some of this demand.

The Computer & IT Industry

Over 260 million computers were sold in 2015; this figure is astonishing as ’computers’ can range in price from £150 all the way up to an astronomical £30,000. This is only the price element of computers though and when you consider the IT market the options available vary enormously with anything from small handheld devices to the world most powerful supercomputer.

This diversity amongst products creates a demand in many industries to provide some kind of computerised product to improve efficiencies in many markets. This demand has created many different companies and franchises in great numbers for specific purposes in the IT market. You only have to look at the digital agency industry to demonstrate this demand; within the UK there is around 25,000 digital agencies, which do slightly vary but mostly will provide some kind of web development. This is just one aspect of IT that an average business will use and, when you consider how many IT services a business needs, then you start to understand how large the market really is.

The IT industry - which includes software, services, hardware and telecommunication - reached $3.7 trillion in 2015, according to IDC. This figure is mainly represented in America which encompasses around 28% of the market, but may not stay the market leader with the Asian market growth which is led by (unsurprisingly) the rise of the Chinese market.

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The Rise of the British IT Franchise Market

Britain isn’t the market leader in the IT sector but they are a major player in the global community. This has come from the significant investment in the market compared to our European counterparts. In 2017, we had £28bn investment in technology (since 2011) and this is the highest of all European countries. In comparison, two other major European economies, France and Germany, saw respectively a £11bn and £9.3bn investment in the market.

This investment has fuelled a rise in franchises that operate within this market to fulfil a large demand in services. In the UK, the IT industry has double the growth rate than that of all other industries, as a collective, contributing to nearly £97bn a year to the UK economy.

With the increase in franchises and businesses that operate within the IT UK market, there has also been a growth of Computer & IT-related jobs which are also averaging twice the growth compared to the rest of the economy. As previously mentioned, the IT industry is diverse so this growth is seen across four main IT industries: IT services, Internet provision, Network support and Computer maintenance & repair.

Top Computer Franchise Opportunity

Start Your New Franchise offers a range of franchises to suit the different needs of aspiring franchisees and we have selected one of our top Computer franchise opportunities available, so you can join this constantly evolving market:

A&O IT Group Franchise

A&O IT Group falls into the IT Services category and provide a large range of tailor-made services to many business, ranging in size.

As this falls under the IT umbrella, they are seeking either experience IT support professionals or those who are Tech Savvy but have a strong sales ability and are business minded.

As the franchise has a proven track record, you can expect to earn anything between £25,000 and £50,000 a year, depending on your area and abilities.

The minimum investment level for this franchise will cost you £7,500, but it comes with training provided and you receive support every step of the way from an established and experienced franchise model.

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