Safety and Security Franchise Market: Industry Overview

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The safety and security franchises in the UK are there to help keep individuals, proprieties, and cyberspaces safe from harm. Whilst everybody would prefer that the need for security was eradicated, unfortunately for the public, we are continuing to see a rise in potential threats across the UK. This is driving demand for the safety and security franchise market to continue to produce more sophisticated and secure products and services.

Safety & Security Franchise Market | UK Industry Overview | Start Your New Franchise

Safety and Security Franchise Market

The safety and security franchises that operate in the UK cover an extensive array of products and services due to the number of potential threats that exist. The idea of safety and security will mean something different to every individual. If an internet business wants to stay secure, then they need to ensure that their servers and cyberspace are kept secure. If a homeowner wants to make their home safe for their family, they might want to install more secure locks, surveillance or alarms. A business that has a large stockpile of goods in a factory might want to place high secure fencing around the building with a security guard posted outside 24/7. All these services can be fulfilled by safety and security franchises in the UK, and as you can see, there is an array of niche services available in the market.

Safety and Security UK Market Performance

The UK safety and security market is the 5th highest performing market globally with £2.8 trillion GDP in 2016. Whilst this may be appealing to a new security business, the barriers to entry in this market are high as customers want a previous track record, which is hard for a new business. This barrier goes in favour of franchises as you will be working with an established brand. This means when you are approaching potential customers, your brand can be used as your previous track record, meaning franchises need not worry about this barrier.

UK companies operating in the safety and security market vary in size massively, due to the number of services available. You will find some very large companies that work with governmental agencies to small privately-owned businesses that offer a single specialised security product or service. Whilst being able to secure government contracts will be appealing to safety and security franchises, the requirements for such contracts are extensive. This makes focusing on either niche markets or large businesses often more feasible for franchises.

The safety and security franchise market doesn’t just cover against human threats. In 2014 the personal protective equipment (PPE) market that sits within the safety and security market was worth $1.8 billion. This market attempts to remove threats for accidents in the workplace when dangerous equipment or substances are in use.

Safety and Security Franchise Opportunity Requirements

As the market is incredibly diverse, the requirements for a safety and security franchise opportunity also varies massively. The minimum investment cost for such an opportunity can range anywhere from £5,000 to over £100,000. This also means the skills and traits required to run a safety and security franchise opportunity differ greatly, but they do have a few common aspects:

  • Passion for Safety
  • Self-motivated
  • Great Organisational Skills
  • Determined
  • Hard Working

Whilst the market is healthy and unfortunately for the general public, it looks like it will be for the foreseeable future, to be successful in this market, you need to have the ability to push yourself harder than your many competitors.

If you want to work in an industry that provides people and businesses with care of mind for their safety, whilst being able to run your own business, then you should check out the Safety & Security Franchise Market.