Restaurant Franchise Market: Success in the Serving!

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Do you enjoy working in a fast-past environment, making your customers happy and satisfied whilst running a business? Then becoming a restaurant franchisee might be for you. Restaurant’s are in the great place of knowing that their market is secure for the foreseeable future because everybody loves going out for a tasty meal. Becoming a restaurant franchisee isn’t for everybody though, so we have included some useful information about what you can expect from such an opportunity to see if it’s right for you.

Restaurant Franchise Market: Success in the Serving | Food Franchises | Start Your New Franchise

Working in the Restaurant Franchise Market

As with any other franchise opportunity we advertise, working in the restaurant franchise market, you will be your own boss. This means you get to take all the glory when you see your customers enjoying your amazing food and the businesses excellent reviews start coming in. To see this glory come to fruition though, you need to put in a lot of effort.

Running a restaurant franchise will often require working in the evenings, over the weekend and on holidays. You need to ensure that every customer leaves satisfied, and you create a welcoming friendly atmosphere that appeals to your target market. If you do this right, you will reap the rewards and we don’t just mean financial. Having a successful restaurant franchise will create a social hub in your community where you can create a fun and sociable working environment.

Restaurant Franchise Market Performance

In the UK in most major cities you will be able to find a plethora of excellent and diverse restaurant franchises. We as a UK consumer want to be able to find and eat whatever we fancy, quick and easy and this is the main driving factor as to why in 2016 we had over 83,000 restaurants in the UK. In 2017 around 1.7 million UK consumers dined out at least once a week which contributed to the average weekly spend for eating out at £17.

As we know people love food and this isn’t going to change, its important to understand where in particular the market is strong. Home deliveries and takeaways are growing close to 10% faster than dining out. This statistic may seem negative for the restaurant franchise industry, but you must consider that Just Eat and Deliveroo are making it possible for restaurants to participate in this growth.

Even though more people are enjoying food in the comfort of their own home, the restaurant UK industry still rose by 1% which contributed to the £40 billion earnt in 2017. The interesting statistic about this market is that London isn’t the best place for growth. Out of all areas, York, Sunderland, Edinburgh and Coventry all enjoyed the highest growth rate for restaurants in the UK.

Trends Impacting Restaurant Franchises

Every market will experience different trends and the restaurant franchise market is no different. As mentioned above, takeaways and home deliveries are experiencing the highest growth in the market. This trend should be seen as an opportunity for growth, otherwise it might be a missed opportunity that led to decline. To tap into this growth of eating at home, you need to ensure that your franchise has some kind of home delivery service, whether this be through a 3 party or not, you need to tap into this growth market.

The internet is a wonderful tool that enables people to connect, discuss and share opinions across the world and about any topic. This is great for society and can be great for your restaurant franchise, if your doing a good job that is. The growing trend of reviewing everything and taking pictures to share on social media means as a restaurant franchisee, you need to ensure that every customer is satisfied and happy with their meal. It is much easier to get a negative review than a positive review, which means you need to ensure that you always strive to prioritise customer service.

Opening a restaurant franchise isn’t for everybody but it is something that a few of you will love to do and we are looking for those who have what it takes to apply to our great selection here – Restaurant Franchise Opportunities