Recruitment Franchises in 2018

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Recruitment franchises in the UK have had a good year with many businesses solely relying on franchises like Driver Hire to fill the majority of their highest demand positions. The future of this industry is certain in terms of the fact that the amount of businesses within the UK means there will always be a healthy market for recruitment, but the potential concerns of the industry may put some professionals at unease.

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Recruitment Industry Report

The view of the recruitment industry will vary largely depending on if your speaking to someone inside or outside the industry. Those that are working within the industry have very similar issues, with the majority of areas having a dominate outlook on the future.

Business Priorities

It will come as no shock that the main priorities for franchises within the recruitment industry for 2018 is to increase profit and turnover, but second on their list is interesting. Outside of the financial concern, the top priority for recruitment franchises is to improve the management of their clients and candidates. This is a healthy demonstration of an industry that understands you shouldn’t just focus on money to make money, but by improving the service you provide at both ends of the spectrum you should see better retention of high quality clients and candidates.

Biggest Concerns

Every industry in the UK and the world has their own concerns and nothing comes without risk, however those in the recruitment industry mainly contains problems created from political and economic uncertainty.

The top concern for recruitment franchises in the UK is talent shortages with global economic uncertainty coming in just behind. These are both issues that aren’t going to improve once we leave Europe, and are likely to be big influencers as to the uncertainty for recruitment franchises in the future.

Recruitment Industry Outlook

The outlook in the UK for the recruitment industry is uncertain at the moment in terms of growth as the political and economic outlook are both are big influencers to this market and the forecast for these areas are highly dependent on who you are speaking to. We do mention in terms of growth as even though the market has the potential to slow down, there is still a need for recruitment franchises nationwide as business still do and will always need employees.

This makes the overall outlook for the recruitment industry uncertain, which may put people off opening their own recruitment company, however there is more than one option for running your own recruitment business. Deciding to become a franchisee for a reputable recruitment franchise during a period of potential uncertainty in the market gives you a higher chance of success. This is because you aren’t starting from nothing, you have an experienced team with brand reputation from day one and chances are they already have a plan to combat this current level uncertainty.

Recruitment Trends

The reason we have put this in the article is because if you are deciding on weather to start your own recruitment franchise then the trends identified below demonstrates the need to time it correctly.

The recruitment industry has cycles of high in demand business based on the calendar month. This can be seen in the highest demand period of January and February as many people come off the holiday season with the plan to find a new Job. An increase in demand is also apparent when we are experiencing nicer weather and we need those extra employees to meet the demand for the tourism and hospitality industries.

These cycles of demand do fluctuate depending on which industries you recruit for but in general you can find periods of reduced business that you need to anticipate for. This cycle does however point towards the best time to start in terms of opportunity to succeed. It is understandable that starting a recruitment franchise takes time to apply, negotiate and train and therefor is something you can expect to take some time. This reason makes it a great time to apply for a recruitment franchise opportunity as if you are successful, you will have a period of time to set up and organise your franchise before you hit the busiest time of the year with the highest chance for profit.

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