Property & Estate Agent Franchises: What’s Out There?

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Every adult will be involved in or will be thinking about the property market in some way, shape or form; it’s something that most aspire to, getting a home to call your own whether it be to buy or rent. It’s a market that will almost definitely adapt over time, with more methods of selling and deals it has to offer, but the essence of the market hasn’t changed and won’t change for a long time as everybody needs a home.

Property Franchise Industry

Home ownership, especially for youths, is still considered an expensive aspiration which means the rental market is still performing strongly. The government are trying to tackle this problem by the introduction of new help-to-buy schemes, which ultimately aim to increase the amount of people that are able to afford their own homes, however, many are still finding this difficult. This has created a relatively open market where rental and buying remain a realistic option for most people depending on their circumstances.

The property franchise market is generally a sellers’ market but large downturns can adjust this, so versatility and experience is vital in combatting the shifts. This as a whole, alongside market performance, can create peaks and troughs; it is imperative to point out that you need to be prepared to endure low points, but also learn to excel and thrive during the high points. This requires aspiring franchisees to have a self-starting determination to make something a success. It will most likely involve more hours than other franchise markets as a 6-day working week is common, as well as late nights, when required.

Property & Estate Agency Industry Franchise Opportunities in the UK | Start Your New Franchise

Property & Estate Agent Franchise Opportunities

The property & estate agent franchise market can be very lucrative but, as with any potentially lucrative market, if you make a mistake here it could be an extremely expensive mistake. This is the main reason we wouldn’t recommend going into the property & estate agent market without the support of an experienced franchisor to ensure you don’t make these mistakes. Start Your New Franchise has some great franchise opportunities, check them out below.


HomeXperts is a world-class property franchise where franchisees benefit from a multi award-winning franchise model. It offers flexibility for aspiring franchisees by having a customer-focused estate and letting agency franchise model that can be operated from home. As they offer intensive and on-going training, no previous experience is needed but they are seeking self-starters who are willing to work for themselves.

  • Top earners can expect to invoice commissions more than £25,000 a month.
  • Minimum investment level required is £9,995

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The Good Estate Agent

This ready-made business offers franchisees a model that has the systems and processes already in place so you can get set up immediately. With unlimited support, franchisees can have a flexible working life where no immediate office or staff are required. They are seeking a self-motivated franchisee with the drive and determination to make it a success whilst keeping a friendly and approachable work manner.

  • As a franchise owner, you earn 90% of all income generated on initial sales and lettings.
  • Minimum investment level required is £10,000, but a payment plan is available.

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With over 170 outlets, Belvoir boast the largest franchise network of high street residential lettings and estate agents nationwide. With 20 years’ experience, you can rest assured their tried and testing business model is a proven money maker. As they offer a 3-week intensive training course for new starters, no prior experience is needed but you are required to have entrepreneurial drive and desire to succeed.

  • When you are clear of lending you can realistically aim to achieve 25-30% net profit.
  • Minimum investment level required is £50,000.

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