Professional Services Franchises Still Growing

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The professional services franchise market is a diverse beast where each franchise we have to offer conducts very different services. As its so diverse it is also one of the largest markets in the UK and compared to the rest of the world, we are one of the global leaders in the professional services field.

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Professional Services Franchises

The professional services franchises we have to offer range from tax & insurance franchises all the way to marketing franchises. What is meant by the term professional services is people working with their clients to provide them with specialist advice. You can see by some of the examples below that this creates a market that is very different in what they offer:

Opportunity Marketing

An established marketing consultancy franchise that offers a unique product. They are looking for an ambitious individual with marketing experience and offer an earning potential of £3,000 to £6,000 per month.

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Will & Probate Services

Considered one of the most respected will writing and estate planning firms in the UK. They are looking for experienced sales professionals that can demonstrate real empathy and professionalism.

Those that are interested can expect earnings of up to £50,000 in the first year with much larger forecasts as the unit grows.

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The Financial Management Centre

They provide SME businesses with professional and affordable accounting support. They require an individual with a recognised accountancy qualification with strong communication skills.

They offer flexibility for franchisees to work from home which means they can offer as low as £9,000 as a minimum investment.

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Professional Services Market Growth

According to there has been a steady performance in this market for some time with continued growth over the last 5 years.


Revenue Growth

Headcount Growth

















As you can see from the table above, every year for the last 5 years, we have had a growth in the professional services market, however the growth from each year is a downward trend. This trend does present itself with unique challenges for every professional services franchise, but it is expected that global macro technology and sector trends should increase this in the future.

What you can notice from this table is that the revenue growth in the professional services market is growing at a higher rate than headcount growth. The reason for this is two-fold, firstly, there is a global talent shortage for professionals in this sector and franchises will need to come up with creative approaches to overcome this challenge. Secondly, more intelligent systems, processes and automation are decreasing the requirements of a human employee, thus decreasing the need for as many employees to achieve the same outcome.

This industry contributed £176 bn in 2015, which equates to 10.7% of the UK economy and the industry is also the UK’s largest exporter. With such great significance to the UK economy the professional services franchise market can feel safe that their industry will be one of the top priorities in terms of negotiating a good deal from Brexit.

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