New Year New Franchise

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It’s come to that time of year again when we all have larger bellies than we would want and an urge to become productive again, yes, its new year resolution time, but what is the new you that you want to take into 2018?

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You are the Key

This past year has come and gone just as quick, if not quicker than every year before it and those promises we made at midnight last New Year’s Eve didn’t reach fruition, but is this your fault? Well yes and no, each year most of us propose some life changing alterations that will propel us forward into becoming the person we want to be, but this isn’t always realistic.

If you are the exception and you achieved your resolution then great, you don’t need to read any further, however if you are like most of us and gave up after January then this may help you. Planning your new year’s resolution shouldn’t be a spur of the moment thing or something you copy of someone else because it sounds good, it needs to be about you and your interests.

Instead of getting that gym membership as everyone else does, how about you identify a physical activity that you actually enjoy. The purpose of going to the gym isn’t to be at a gym, its to get fit, so finding a physical activity that interests you can help you get fit and you are more likely to keep it up after the first month.

The point is, if you try to achieve something that’s generic, and you’ve not thought about it in too much detail, chances are you will drop it just as quickly as you decided to do it. If you take the time to understand yourself, you can identify what it is that you actually want to improve on and what would be the best method to achieve this.

New Year New Job

If you’re considering finding a new job in the new year as your resolution because you’ve just had enough at your current work, then we would suggest considering franchising instead. As mentioned before, if you are making a new year’s resolution, make it specific to you. This does not mean everybody will be interested in franchising, but if you are serious about finding a job, think about why it is you want another one.

Many common reasons for wanting a new job is because of how you are treated at your current working place and unfortunately moving to another company doesn’t automatically mean you will be treated any better. This is where franchising may be an option for you, for this specific issue, you don’t need to worry about how you are treated, because you are the boss, you decide your own working hours and tasks.

Franchising doesn’t just solve this issue, it could be that you are a new parent and can’t fit your family life around your current work life. If this fits your situation then maybe a home-based franchise might be the option for you. Franchising doesn’t work for everybody because you need to have that determination and drive to make it successful as you essentially manage yourself. Those that do have these traits though can often find franchising provides them with more job satisfaction than working for somebody else as they are the direct influencer in their activities and the money they take home.

We at Start Your New Franchise want you all to achieve whatever your goals are for 2018, but for most of them we cannot assist you further than stressing the importance of making it specific to you. If you wanted a new job however, we would suggest you read the following blog to see if franchising might be the answer your are looking for – Choosing a Franchise: Understanding Yourself