Modern Women in Franchising

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Franchising is a popular method to start your own business in the UK and an interesting trend has occurred in the industry; for the past 26 years, we have seen a steady incline in the number of female franchisees, but why are more women considering this business opportunity?

Women at work

It will not come as a surprise to most but females have been discriminated in the workplace for a long time and it still occurs for some. According to the Office for National Statistics, women earnt on average 18.1% less than their male counterparts in 2016 and you only have to look at the recent BBC controversy over gender pay gaps to see this live in action, BBC News Pay Gap.

Modern women are wanting more from their career and, on average, are starting families at a later age as they want to focus on their career in their 20’s. It is estimated that having children drops a woman’s earning by as much 9% after their first child and then 16% after their second. You can see how those women who want to have a career and a family will have more hurdles, than a man, to become successful.

A shocking statistic is that around 40% of women feel that they don’t have a realistic career progression in their current role for their organisation.

Modern Women in Franchising | Franchise Opportunities for Women | Starting Your New Franchise

What are females doing to overcome this?

Firstly, many people, female and male, are fighting to stop discrimination in the workplace to improve the equality of every human, but this is a slow and long battle. What many females have realised, is that unfortunately the efforts of equal rights protestors aren’t impacting their career in time to make a big difference, so they are having to adapt to find a suitable career in which they can progress.

This is likely to be the reason why there has been a steady incline in female franchisees and that around 30% of franchisees are now women. This is because operating as a franchisee you are functioning as your own boss and your career progression will be down to you and you alone, meaning sexism will no longer be a barrier for you to succeed.

Why is Franchising a Suitable option for Women?

It is proven that females are equally as capable as men to have a successful career and this can be seen in franchising as they’re many successful female franchisees in every sector of franchising. Being your own boss is one of the main reasons for the rise in female franchisees but, as an option, it also offers more advantages than a traditional business opportunity.

Some say, when females take time off to look after their new-borns they miss a lot during the time in which they are gone, and it takes time to catch back up. Whether this be true or not, for starting a new franchise, it isn’t an issue. Most franchises offer some form of training with continue support, therefore, a female franchisee will start at the same level as anybody else with the training and skills necessary to make it work.

Another common issue is the increased flexibility needed after having children; this isn’t just for women as men are starting to have an increased role in family responsibilities but on average it is more likely to affect women, or at least impact their progression opportunities. There are many franchises that operate for the franchisee who is working from home most of the time and sometimes these also don’t have a set of dedicated hours. This increased flexibility allows Mums to find the right work/family balance, meaning they don’t have to choose to have a family or to have a career as they can have both.

Modern day females understand that they shouldn’t be restricted to stereotypical female sectors such as the beauty franchise industry, with successful franchisees in every sector, they can follow their passion no matter what sector it’s in.

With franchising, you shall receive a structured business opportunity that has been tried and tested with proven results in any industry that interest you. Other franchisees in your network will offer support and you have a genuine sense of community in your workplace.

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