Franchise Spotlight: Techclean Franchise

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With each month there’s a new top performer and this month we had to give it to Techclean. With such an excellent offering it’s not hard to believe that Techclean is under the Franchise Spotlight.  

Franchise Spotlight: Techclean Franchise Opportunities | Cleaning Franchises UK

About Techclean Franchise

Techclean lies within the Cleaning Franchise Industry, but they aren’t there to be scrubbing your toilets, they focus on the cleaning of your technology. With the superbugs we hear about all to often and the fact that computer keyboards alone can harbour over 200 times the bacteria compared to a toilet seat, it’s not a surprise that technology cleaning is a big market.

They’re three main benefits for cleaning your technology:

  • Decreased spreading of bacteria
  • Longer life span of technology
  • Clean working environment

Cleaning your technology, not only reduces the number of sick days you’ll have at work through a reduction of bacteria spreading, but it will also reduce the amount you’ll spend on replacing technology. The other additional benefit, is that people like a clean working place, which for most will improve their productivity and workplace enjoyment.  

Being able to clean all types of technological equipment and having a ISO certified and SafeContractor accredited business is only part of the reason Techclean is a market leader in its field. With its robust cleaning processes and procedures, using equipment/products that are bespoke to Techclean, it has led to Techclean becoming a recognised authority within its sector.

Starting out trading in 1983, Techclean has come a long way to become the UK’s leading specialist system hygiene business which has led to working with big names such as Porsche & Disney.

Techclean Franchise Opportunities

Techclean wants their franchisees to have the best chance to succeed and grow, which is why they ensure all territories have a generous size, with at least 10,000 businesses in each one. With an excellent support system and such a large territory, Techclean franchisees can expect a profit margin over 50% within the 1st year of trading.

Techclean knows what is required of their franchisees in terms of operational knowledge and this training is provided to each new franchisee, which makes previous cleaning experience less vital for franchise applicants. What they are looking for is someone who is willing to work hard, be prepared & organised and has excellent communication & relationship building skills.

The additional benefit Techclean can give to new franchisees is that they let you choose where to place your office, this means if you wish, you can have a home-based franchise. This offer of flexibility is vital for some that have family commitments or want to reduce costs of their operation.

Working in this franchise, you can expect to have a turnover between £60,000 - £80,000 within 2 years of starting, with profit margins around the 60% mark. If this cleaning franchise opportunity interest you, then start your application here and receive more detailed information – Techclean Franchise Opportunity