Educational Children’s Franchises focusing on Key Skills

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Every parent wants to set their child up to succeed in life, and every parent’s definition of success will be different but, ultimately, as long as their child is able to do what they enjoy in life, then parents will consider this a success. As the world evolves, the plethora of specialised jobs available is ever increasing and schools are unable to teach a child every possible subject.

Instead of decreasing the amount of time in each class to include every type of class available, schools in the UK are focusing on key skills which can be transferred across multiple disciplines. This prepares children so that, when they come to an age to decide for themselves as to which career path interest them, they already have the fundamental skills required for the role.

These key skills are mainly split into three categories; Maths, English & Science. Although all three are considered key skills, Maths & English have a more important role for most in everyday lives. Whatever career path you take, you need to be able to read instructions and communicate to others, meaning English will always be needed. The same can be said for Maths, even if you are in a manual job where calculation might not seem to be a necessity, the basic mathematic skills will come in handy for some aspects.

This is reflected when applying for most jobs as they require a minimum level for English and Maths qualifications, it may seem odd but this even translates to the requirements for graduate level positions.

Educational Children’s Franchises Focusing on Key Skills | Starting Your New UK Franchise

NPL4Kids Franchise

NPL has identified that the key skills mentioned above are often the main requirements for jobs in later life and decided to focus on improving literacy for children by getting them engage in emotional literacy. They are evidently onto a winner as their popularity for franchise opportunities keeps increasing.

NPL4Kids team knows that there is a demand for their service and will continue to see a demand because of their industry they occupy and, for this reason, they are actively recruiting for more franchisees.

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Spaghetti Maths

At Spaghetti Maths they believe in making maths fun and opening up maths in a creative way makes learning far more enjoyable. Team work, logical thinking, effective communication, problem solving are all skills needed for our children to function happily and successfully in the modern world.

In their unique programme they nurture the development of these core skills by presenting fun mathematical tasks and problems for the children to engage with. They know that children learn best (and have the most fun) when they feel safe and secure in their environment and so have developed a structured, yet flexible programme of maths based activities which will inspire young minds.

Children are introduced to a new subject every week and each session will include team games to help build confidence, cooperation and communication skills. Through solving problems, individually or as a team it gives children the confidence to know they can succeed. The look on their faces the moment they achieve their goal is priceless.

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