Education based UK franchise opportunities - A lucrative market

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Education Based UK Franchise Opportunities - A Lucrative Market

Although the UK population is getting older, with predictions that there will soon be more people over the age of 65 than any other age bracket, there are still a huge and ever-growing number of children in the UK. In 2016, people under the age of 15 made up 18.9% of the UK population. While that might not sound like a lot, you need to take into consideration that the total population at that time was 65,648,054 people.

Given these numbers, it’s safe to say that the educational franchise market is already massive. And with the rapidly expanding population and the constant need for academic support for many children, such franchise opportunities are becoming an extremely popular choice across the UK for people who want to run their own business. If you are considering investing in a UK education franchise opportunity, then you should definitely read on…

First of all, what is an education franchise?

Discussion of the lucrative market surrounding education franchises might have you wondering how you can get started. But first, what does an education franchise actually involve? And what sort of businesses fall into this category? One of the most typical forms of educational franchise in the UK is after school tutoring. While additional support for core subject like English classes and maths classes are some of the most popular choices for parents, there are plenty of options for after school tutoring in additional subjects or skills, rather than simply complimentary tutoring for existing studies. There are all sorts of great educational franchises relating to cookery, languages, music, dance and a variety of other subjects both theoretical and practical. So you hopefully won’t need to look very far to find the right one for you.

Lucrative for you, valuable for others

In general, you can expect to pay less than £20,000 for an education franchise, so your initial investment shouldn’t be too much comparatively speaking. What’s more, those investing in this particular market are very likely to get their money back and more. There are families all over the UK that have children who need a little extra help and who would benefit from the sort of more focused attention they can’t always get in class. Unfortunately, the parents of many of these children either cannot find time in their busy schedules to provide the level of help their children need, or they simply

aren’t qualified to do so for certain subjects. This is why parents are ready and willing to pay for additional support for their children. And while it’s very important that you don’t take advantage, many of these parents are happy to pay a premium to ensure their child gets the very best educational experience, which means that your educational franchise can generate a very good amount of profit whilst providing an incredibly valuable and meaningful service to children and young people in the UK.

Word of mouth

Many families with two working parents simply need to find an activity for their kids that will bridge the gap between school finishing and the end of their working day. Finding a child minder can be expensive and doesn’t generally offer any additional benefits to the child. This is why offering a service that can educate the child as well as look after them for an hour or two each week can be seen as a real bonus by the parents, and well worth the money. Parents will jump at the chance to send their child to an educational club, and if they find a good fit, they’ll likely recommend it to other parents locally who are in the same situation. Similarly, if you make the experience valuable and entertaining enough for the kids themselves, they’ll soon tell all their friends and many may want to join regardless of their parents’ schedules, and so before too long, you’ll have a full class.

Another growth factor

In addition to all the children in the UK who currently need the extra help, there are a growing number of families coming into the UK from abroad each year, many of whom speak English as a second language. Last year, 220,000 people came to the UK from other EU countries, and while many of those people already speak every day English very well, their children may well need extra English language tuition to get up to speed with other students in terms of the complex topics being discussed in school.

In conclusion, if you choose an educational franchise, then you’ll soon start reaping the benefits of this essential and expanding market. Make sure to check out the franchise opportunities that we have available here at Start Your New Franchise.