Do I need Experience for Franchise Opportunities?

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Every franchise opportunity will have prerequisites for an aspiring franchisee which will need to be considered, however these requirements vary largely, mainly depending on the chosen industry. If you are worried that you lack transferable experience for your ideal franchise, you should still research into it as you could be wrong.

The most important factor for Franchisors

If you have a look at just some of the franchises on offer here at Start Your New Franchise, you will see common elements under the “Who are we looking for” section. This area is to help you understand the basic necessities for you to be considered for this franchise opportunity.

Experience can clearly help in running a franchise but the most important trait across the board is someone’s drive and ability to self-motivate. It is understood that these traits are something that you can’t teach, this comes down to a characteristic of someone and most franchisors will know that a person with this trait will find a solution to most problems that they encounter, no matter their experience.

Do I Need Experience for Franchise Opportunities | Start Your New Franchise | UK Franchises

Specific Skills for Franchise Sectors

If you look at minimum requirements for franchises in specific industries you will find a lot of common elements, depending on their level of service. This doesn’t always mean a specific skill, it can be a common attribute, for example, Kids Collective & We Make Footballers both work around children so being a child-centred person, who has a passion for their welfare, is important for these roles.

More commonly, the higher the level of service the franchise provides, often means that the requirements will be greater too, for example Auditel offers assistance to their clients to make smarter buying and management decisions. To no surprise, this does require previous business management experience as it would be a hard sell if someone straight out of school was trying to give you advice on running your business.

No Skill Requirement Franchises

As seen above, a lot of franchise opportunities don’t ask for specific requirements in terms of skills when recruiting new franchisees. Desire and motivation is by far the biggest requirement for running a franchise as seen in the below franchise opportunities:

Mac Tools

This automotive franchise is asking for professionals with a positive can-do attitude that will fit in with their dedicated team – Mac Tools Franchise Opportunity

The Good Estate Agent

This is a family business built and run with strong family values and what they value for aspiring franchisees is a friendly, approachable and determined individual – The Good Estate Agent Franchise Opportunity

Both of these opportunities can benefit from additional skills, for example the Mac Tools opportunity could be more suited towards skilled mechanics, however as most franchises provide training, they know that if you have the required traits you will be able to learn all the knowledge required to make this a success. So ultimately, no, you don’t necessarily need skills or previous experience to be considering for a franchise opportunity, but it does depend on the specific franchise of choice.