Benefits of Home-Based Franchises

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Home-based franchises differ for the sectors in which they operate but the benefits of them are constant. With the ever-changing world of technology, it can be hard to keep up, but as to its advancements of internet access and communications, it is now perfectly feasible to work from your home without the need for any specialist equipment.

This has been a major contributor to the increase in people’s desire to work from home, either permanently or periodically. With the idea of working from home now being a possibility, franchisors have identified a cost-effective way of operating a franchise model for those that are seeking this way of life and thus, home-based franchises were born.


The lifestyle of a home-based franchisee is considered one of the most attractive benefits for those seeking a more flexible life. This comes from three main areas:

Working Hours

You are no longer tied to strict working hours as you are your own boss and you are able to access your office/workspace at any time. This flexibility of hours means you can adapt your lifestyle to what you prefer; are you a morning person? Then perhaps getting up at 6am and finishing at 3pm would suit you. Or the other end, perhaps a night owl working 1pm until 10pm. You make it work for yourself and, as long as you keep the franchise running effectively, its really up to you.


Have you ever worked in a city centre but lived outside the city? If so, you know all too well the time it takes just to get to and from work every day. This time is wasted; you aren’t doing anything productive, it’s costing you a bomb for the fuel even though you are barely moving, and you aren’t getting paid for it. This is why so many people dislike commuting but, unfortunately for them, there’s not much they can do about it - unless they decide to start a home-based franchise. Working from home means no commute, no high-priced travel tickets or long traffic jams and best of all, that time spent on commuting can now be focused towards improving your own business and making you money.

Family Time

With it becoming quite common for both parents to be working and bringing home the bacon, the aspect of family time becomes harder to tackle. Starting a franchise helps in this situation, with the increasing range of home-based franchises available, no matter which partner decides to stay home, you will be able to find something that will suit your work preference and your work/life balance. You no longer need to worry about missing your child’s first play or the timely school runs, as a home-based franchisee you are your own boss and you can schedule your work around your parenting responsibilities.

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Financial Benefits

Running your own franchise means your hard work will determine how successful you are, meaning you are the decider of your own fate in terms of financial security. However, as a home-based franchisee, you also benefit from more financial benefits.

Lower Cost of Business

A lot of the franchises we have available require little to no extra asset purchases upon successful application of a home-based franchise. This is because the franchises that are available for this often only require access to a phone and a laptop, which can be commonly found in most homes these days. This means minimal set-up cost is needed for the launch of your new business, which is often the hurdle for those wanting to start their own business.

Another benefit of this, is that you won’t have the same on-going cost as most businesses. With no need for a rented office or building to staff yourself and your team, the on-going cost will be significantly reduced, thus your business becoming more profitable earlier.

If you decide that you want to purchase a premise as an option to expand your franchise, you will already have that customer base so becomes a lot lower risk.

As mentioned earlier, many home-based franchisees will decide this route because they want to work while looking after their children, this means no need for any childcare cost, which many of you will know, is very expensive.

The Good Estate Agent

This franchise is a perfect example of a home-based franchise, you are able to manage yourself with the help of the franchisor all whilst being in the comfort of your own home.

They supply most of the requirements to operate the business and the ones left don’t need to be purchased, they only require hard work. As long as you are friendly, approachable and have the drive and determination to make this work, this could be the franchise opportunity for you.