Automotive Aftermarket: The Car Repair Franchise Industry

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The UK automotive aftermarket franchise industry is one of the largest in the world and that makes those with a desire to start their own business an ideal location to start prospecting. The automotive industry mainly consists of the manufacturing and sales of cars, whereas the automotive aftermarket includes the servicing, repairing and modifications of cars.

UK Automotive Aftermarket Industry

The UK automotive industry may be one of the largest in the world but what is interesting is that the automotive aftermarket, such as car maintenance, is performing better proportionally compared to the rest of the world. With the average cost of car maintenance in the UK being a significant £695 per person each year, this leaves us spending around 12% more than the global average.

Through servicing and repairs, the UK spends £21.1 billion a year; this doesn’t just demonstrate the significance of this market but also shows us that the UK population care very much about the maintenance and look of their cars.

It is a highly competitive market and boasts a strong franchised dealer network presence. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, by 2022, the UK should have an automotive aftermarket employee base of 400,000 with projected sales of £28 billion. This is roughly a 32% increase in 6 years, which is an incredibly positive outlook for the market.

UK Automotive Aftermarket: Car Repair Franchise Industry | Starting Your New Franchise

Car Repair Franchise Market

Car repair is big business in the UK and makes up a large percentage of the £21.1 billion a year in the automotive aftermarket. Car repair franchises come in different shapes and sizes but are mainly comprised of two markets:

Car Garage Franchises

These franchises are for those who want to operate from a work base in the form of a garage. The fact they have a stationary place of work means they can utilise large pieces of equipment necessary to fix more substantial repairs, thus offering more opportunities than different automotive franchise methods. This can be a big advantage with regards to the repair jobs you can offer, but with this increase in services available it will also require more mechanical knowledge to operate.

Mobile Car Repair Franchises

The mobile aspect of this franchise type is a big reason why it is very popular for those wanting to start their own business, as it offers the chance to work partially from your home.

As your tools will come along with you when you go on your repairing duties, they must be small enough to travel with you, thus the services that you can fulfil are somewhat smaller than a traditional car garage. This will normally take the form of minor engine problems or superficial damage, meaning that the mechanical skills required will also be lower.

Car Repair Franchises

For those that have mechanical skills or the ability to learn them and the drive to start their own business, then choosing a reputable automotive franchise is a great opportunity to start your own business with a running start.

Revive! Auto Innovations

With the owners being in the mobile car repair market for more than 20 years, you can trust their experience and knowledge when starting your own franchise ownership through their well-known franchise.

Focusing on providing a vital service, van paintwork and repairing damages to cars, you can conduct all your work from your van and your home, so it is a great opportunity for those looking for flexibility.

With their fully certified training offered to all franchisees, they don’t require any previous knowledge or experience in the market, but you will have to fit their company ethos and have the drive and determination to succeed.

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Car Medic

With a great track record of customer satisfaction and having over 10 years trading, this car repair franchise offers consumers a cheaper alternative to the higher priced garage based car repairs.

With the knowledge that consumers are seeking cheaper alternatives but also want increased convenience, Car Medic has strategically placed itself in the market to ensure it demand for the foreseeable future.

As they provide training upon successful franchisee applications, they are seeking individuals who are proactive, hardworking and driven with the understanding that excellent support will be on offer but they will have to be their own boss.

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