A look at the UK home care franchise market

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A look at the UK home care franchise market

Growing older is never easy, but there are ways to lessen the impact for those who are affected by the difficulties and illnesses associated with old age. One of the ways that families can help their elderly relatives is by organising home care services, providing support within the home for those who might have trouble doing certain things for themselves.

The home care market is something that has grown considerably in recent years. As a result, there has been an increasing number of home care franchise opportunities entering the UK market place.

What is a home care franchise?

If you aren’t sure what a home care franchise actually is, then you may be happy to know it’s both a solid business opportunity and something that actually involves helping people out when they need it most. Home care companies will organise carers to visit the homes of people who need assistance in their everyday life. These invaluable carers might prepare and cook a meal, tidy up, or ensure that important medications are always taken on time.

Why invest in a home care franchise?

In the UK, the percentage of elderly people is set to increase exponentially over time. It is actually estimated that by 2024, some twenty percent of the population will be over the age of 65. As a result of the baby boom, statistics predict that by that same year, the number of under 15 year olds in the UK will actually be less than the number of over 65 year olds. On top of this, the life expectancy of adults in the UK is likely to increase to 85 as a result of better health care and health education, representing more years where care is needed per person.

This all suggests that the need for home care franchises will actually increase further over time; entering into this market now will offer you a lot of benefits. You should therefore expect that any sort of home care franchise opportunity that you buy into now should actually continue to increase in its scope and long term value.

Why is home care such a valuable service?

Outside of being a growing market, it’s important to note when considering a home care franchise opportunity, just how valuable a service is it. First of all, home care services allow the elderly to receive the care they need in the privacy of home, which helps preserves dignity, as well as a greater sense of independence compared to the alternative. Having a visiting career also means that individuals can receive one on one care and attention, which creates a sense of companionship that can make the world of difference to someone facing health challenges.

Another thing to consider is the huge benefit of care at home to those who are suffering with dementia. I the UK, dementia rates are actually increasing steadily. Even at the current rate of 1 in 6 people over 80 getting dementia, the demand for home care is high, but this rate is predicted to rapidly increase, representing over one million people by 2025, and then double that figure by 2051. Living with dementia can be very confusing and frightening, which is why being able to receive specialist care and attention in the familiar surroundings of home is so beneficial, and can even help slow the mental decline associated with this condition.

What about the costs?

If you’re looking for a solid business opportunity that also gives back to society, the UK home care market is definitely something you should consider. You might be pleased to know that investing in a home care franchise is also relatively inexpensive compared to many other franchise opportunities. There are also fewer ongoing costs as you can have a travelling team with very little in the way of office space to worry about. Despite the lower upfront and ongoing costs, when managed effectively, the returns can still be excellent.

So when you consider the costs, the market’s value and its predicted growth, as well as the incredibly rewarding feeling associated with offering such a invaluable service to those in need, we are confident you’ll agree that a home care franchise opportunity makes sense for anyone who wants to follow their head and their heart at the same time!