100 Franchisees and Counting

Sourced appoints a new Franchise Director as the business surges forward.

We interviewed Chris Kirkwood, the new Franchise Director, to find out how the pandemic has affected this leading property investment company and what plans have they got for the business going forward.

How long have you been with the company for and what has been your involvement so far?
I joined Sourced back in 2018, mainly to deliver the training, as I had a lot of property experience under my belt and I’ve built my own coaching business as well. As the network grew and we had more diversity when it comes to backgrounds of the franchisees, we realised that the support structure needed to be redesigned and I started working closely with franchisees to support them after they attend training, making sure they put their knowledge into practice.

What is Sourced Franchise and who is it for?
Sourced Franchise is an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to start or grow a profitable property business. We provide training in all property strategies, but unlike other property training providers, we then offer ongoing support to franchisees, to ensure that they are using the knowledge we passed to them. We push our franchisees to ensure they succeed. Not only do we train and support them, but also, market their deals to our database of investors and if they want to do their own projects, we can provide up to 100% of the funds they need.

What have you done to help the franchisees in these difficult times?
The management team at Sourced have years of experience in the industry and we recognise the patterns in the property market in different conditions. To help our franchisees not only survive, but thrive through the lockdown, we analysed the market and told franchisees what we think is going to happen over the upcoming months. We then presented them with solutions and strategic options, on how to identify opportunities that the lockdown has created.

What are the advantages of joining a network like Sourced, over going alone?
Statistically, 93% of the people who embark on property training courses never use their knowledge. This is where Sourced makes a difference, as we don’t just train you and leave you to it. When you join Sourced, you enter a partnership and we want to make sure you succeed, through our support structure, investor database, funding

platform and many other resources that are crucial to building a profitable business, regardless of your experience in the sector.

What are your plans for Sourced Franchise going forward?
Alongside continuously reviewing and improving the franchise package, we have been working hard on growing our peer to peer lending platform, Sourced Capital, which provides funding for our franchisees. With the number of franchisees growing rapidly, we need to make sure we keep meeting the demand for funding their projects. In 2020 alone, we already raised over £4 million and a couple of the projects were funded in a matter of minutes.
Additionally, we are working on increasing the number of partnerships with other businesses, in order to give our franchisees access to a suite of industry-leading resources at a discounted price.
We want anyone associated with Sourced to be successful, so we have a lot of exciting changes currently in the pipeline - all to improve Franchisees’ chances of success.

To find out more about this Franchise Opportunity, visit https://sourcedfranchise.co/