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Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools

Location Opportunities available across the UK and Ireland

Minimum Investment 10,000

Training Provided Yes

Financial Assistance Depending on the quality of each Candidate we may accept payment of the Franchise Fee in a number of instalments over a longer time period.

Our franchisee's typically earn £80,000 plus per year.

Football is the most popular sport in the world; therefore there is huge potential to develop a successful franchise business. 

There are other soccer schools and football club schemes operating, yet we feel they do not come close to offering the level of football coaching and general high standards associated with Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools.
The amount you make is quite frankly up to you. 

Running to one of our business models a franchise with 200 children we estimate a conservative turnover of £80,000 per annum. This is not guaranteed, it could be more or it could be less. 

We encourage you to aspire to a lot more and can tell you how to do it.

On average each regional centre operates with 300 children attending weekly sessions. Some of our more established centres which have been running 5-10 years have between 650-1000 players attending weekly sessions.

Like all companies, some people become top producers and some struggle. Unlike a lot of franchise companies Socatots & Brazilian Soccer Schools don’t do well unless you do well, the decision of whether to run a franchise must be right both for you and us, which is why we do not hard sell or exaggerate our earning claims. What we do want are highly motivated and exceptionally talented individuals to run our franchise.

Fred Lowe: Managing Director Paul Darton: Head Coach (Socatots) Will Partington: Head Coach (Brazilian Soccer Schools) Rupert Lowe: Director

We present our offer to those who would like to develop a full time career helping to change the way football is thought of, trained and promoted in the UK. The key is that our franchisees and coaches buy into the way that we train and coach each child at the outset. As I found out when I left University, it is very difficult to get out into the real world and earn a living within the Sports industry without having to accept often unsustainable pay levels and limited career progression.

It has been proven that we have the product and infrastructure required for committed people to succeed and the final, but also most important piece in the puzzle to get a successful Franchise into operation is the person and their passion. Fred Lowe, Managing Director, UKCFDS.

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