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Sandler Training

Location Opportunities available across the UK and Ireland

Minimum Investment 55,000

Training Provided Yes

Financial Assistance

Accustomed to a six-figure salary, and now looking for more…?

STOP driving success for others to reap all the rewards

Have you been looking for the right opportunity to leverage your vast experience in sales and/or management, but not found the right business idea? The Sandler franchise model offers you a proven route to earn a significant income with freedom and flexibility, from your own business development consultancy, while you build an asset to sell in the future.

Using our unique business model, a Sandler franchise offers a proven route for you to help businesses of all sizes to get more sales and improve their efficiency and leadership. You’ll have all the tools and support you need to become the trusted advisor for your clients.

You will be able to offer training in all aspects of sales, management and leadership, becoming the consultant that businesses can’t be without: the one that helps them hire the right people, structure properly for growth and, ultimately, for sale.

  • Enjoy multiple income streams from each client
  • Flexibility to be your own boss and run your own life, your way
  • Day rates measured in thousands of pounds, not hundreds
  • Set strategic direction and utilise practical tools to drive results
  • Build a client base that delivers a recurring monthly income
  • Deliver strong results for clients year after yea

Our best performing franchisees will shortly break £1m annual turnover, with profit margins typically over 60%. The average turnover across the UK network is well over £200,000 per franchisee.

Collaboration means you’re never on your own

There are few UK franchise networks with the supportive culture that Sandler has created over the past 15+ years. Combine your knowledge, skills and determination with our market-leading systems and processes, 1,500+ hours of material, a 50-year brand heritage and a truly collaborative international network of like-minded business owners.

The Sandler business model offers you:

Global reach with a local touch: service local, national and international clients

Proven systems and techniques that help you win clients

Flexibility to run the business in the way that works best for you

Multiple income streams from established and evolving products

Minimal starting overheads – start working from your home office

A truly scalable and saleable consultancy business

The backing of central R&D to keep your business ahead of the curve

Our UK team are dedicated to your personal success, with our global head office ensuring Sandler remains the market leader in our field. We are “do as I do”, not “do as I say” – we have trodden the same path ourselves and live and breathe Sandler’s systems and approach.

We will work with you to develop a business plan that matches your ambition and helps you achieve your goals, both personally and professionally. Our support systems are with you throughout your time as a franchisee, evolving and developing as you do.

Sandler franchisees are driven, determined to succeed and highly ambitious. If you’re a superlative presenter, think big and have the desire to change your life, this could be the perfect business opportunity.

Our franchisees have highly varied backgrounds; many have become tired of the corporate world and want to do something for themselves, typically with career experience in areas including HR, technology, sales or training. Others have already run their own businesses or reached senior operations positions and want to take the rewards of their hard work for themselves.

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