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Little Kickers

Location Opportunities available across the UK and Ireland

Minimum Investment 10,000

Training Provided Yes

Financial Assistance


Little Kickers is now the largest provider of pre-school football classes in the world. Operating across 7 continents, in 17 countries, through a network of over 250 franchisees, over 40,000 kids participate in our programs every week. We are often asked what the secret to our success is. We feel that the dynamic growth of the business has been fuelled by the fact that our product is universally appealing to children and their parents, and that our franchise model and associated support offer motivated individuals with a fantastic opportunity to create a successful, family-friendly business with minimal risk.

A key aspect of our businesses' success relates to the fact that a Little Kickers franchise appeals to individuals who are looking for a better balance of work / life. So many of our franchisees come to us having taken the decision to leave corporate life with the associated long hours and stresses, and open up their own business which will enable them to spend time with their families.

Being in control of one's own destiny is a powerful motivator for many people and our franchisees recognise that the amount of effort they put into running their franchise translates directly into results. Much of the success we have experienced to date comes as a direct result of listening to our amazing network of franchisees, who have acted as a rich source of new ideas and innovations. As we look to continue the incredible work already done to make Little Kickers the world leader in pre- school football, we hope to find enthusiastic, outgoing and dedicated people to join our network and benefit from our brand.

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