Mummy blogger ‘Zen Ten Baby’ gives her glowing account of a BilinguaSing class

Today I had the pleasure of attending BilinguaSing where babies and toddlers can learn a new language (my class was Spanish.)

The class leader Emma was very welcoming and the class today consisted of 5 mother and babies and us. The Church venue is warm and parking is available. The class started off with a welcome in Spanish to each of us and the words were displayed on a wall projector to follow. Props, lights and stickers were used throughout the class duration which added a great sensory element to the experience. My daughter being a toddler was up and about and joined with the clapping and bubbles. It is a perfect way to introduce a new language early on in a non derailing manner if you speak other languages at home. Even British sign language was used along with familiar kids songs which made the class magical for little ones and easy to grasp for adults. 

BilinguaSing East Midlands has other language based groups take a look at their fb page or website for further information:…/…/

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and it truly was both educational and entertaining.

I would 100 per cent reccomend attending and would avoid the misconception that some languages are more beneficial than others for our kids future, as any language is a skill. I have grown up with about 10 languages being spoken and various dialects. Just read the below on how beneficial a language can be, it is an incredible gift we can offer to our kids.…/bilingual-babes-teach-your-child…/

I am happy classes like this exist and I will be taking my tot again. Many thanks Emma!