Sports franchise opportunities in the UK are prospering at the moment thanks to an uptake of individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing. The reason individuals are participating in sports over other physical activities is that sports are deemed less tedious and more socially involved activities. This means many people consider participating in sports for the social aspect as well as the physical exercise and this is increasing the amount of sports franchise opportunities available in the UK.

The UK sports market is diverse which means if you have a particular sport of interest, chances are one of our sports franchise opportunities will interest you. Some of the general sporting categories you will find in the sports franchise market are:

  • Football Franchises
  • Rugby Franchises
  • Coaching Franchises
  • Athletic Franchises
  • Outdoor Sports Franchises

The current trends in the sports franchise industry are that athletic and cycling participation is down but football participation continues to rise. This trend is occurring due to a shift of interest coming from younger generations. We fully anticipate the rise in football participation to continue an upward trend and this can be seen by the amount of football focused sports franchise opportunities that are available in the UK market. To see more information about the state of the sports franchise market, you should check out – Why are Sports Franchises doing so well?

As the set up for a sports franchise is minimal compared to other franchise markets, the minimum investment cost for a sports franchise is typically under £20,000, which makes them relatively low cost in terms of franchise opportunities. If you have a passion for sports whilst also wanting to run your own business and driving yourself forward to succeed, then you are perfect for a sports franchise opportunity.

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