Saftey & Security

The demand for safety and security franchises is on the rise in the UK in both the B2B and B2C sectors as people want to protect their homes, businesses, and assets. While the UK population would rather the need for security franchises to decrease, the rise in potential threats across the UK is driving demand for security franchises. This can be seen in 2016 when the UK safety and security market was the 5th highest performing market globally with £2.8 trillion GDP. To see more information about the state of affairs for safety and security franchises, you can check out – Safety and Security Franchise Market Industry Overview

The safety and security franchises available in the UK range in size considerably due to the number of products and services available in the market. When you consider how diverse the threats are that exist today, their needs to be many different specialities to ensure every level of protection. These are just some of the safety and security franchise categories:

  • Locksmith Franchise
  • Cyber Security Franchise
  • CCTV & Alarm Franchise
  • Fire Safety Franchise
  • Protective Equipment Franchise

With such a diverse range of products and services available in the safety and security market, the minimum investment cost required for these opportunities varies massively. In the UK you will find safety and security franchises minimum investment ranges from £5,000 all the way up to £100,000.

The common traits and skills required in this market are focused on either their passion for safety and security or their determination to work hard. If you want to help protect people and businesses in the UK from an array of threats whilst running your own business, then you might be interested in one of our safety and security franchises.

If you are interested, you can find our current safety and security franchise opportunities on offer in the UK by following the link below.

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