UK recruitment franchises are sitting comfortably knowing that the recruitment industry is expected to grow between 2.9% - 6.9% next year. This is already on top of the growth in previous years which reached the high levels of 9%. In 2016, the UK recruitment market was worth £35.1 billion, and many recruitment franchises were in the 9,565 recruitment agencies that contributed most of this sum.

The future for UK recruitment franchises looks great and many industry experts only expect this trend to continue. With many businesses now solely relying on recruitment franchises and business to fill either specific roles or entire functions, keeping your clients happy to keep them on board is essential for consistent franchise performance. This can be seen with recruitment franchises stating that one of their top priorities over the next few years is to improve the management of their clients and candidates. To see more information on the state of UK recruitment franchises you can read – Recruitment Franchises in 2018

The recruitment franchises in the UK will differ considerably in terms of size and what target market they have, but they will conduct very similar activities. This means that most of the franchise opportunities in the recruitment industry have very similar skill and trait requirements for potential franchisees. The most common skills and traits required for recruitment franchises are:

  • Strong Management/Leadership
  • Great Communicator
  • Self-Motivated
  • Hard Worker

Whilst it is possible to find recruitment franchises that can be operated at home, the majority of franchise opportunities will require you to have a working office. The minimum investment cost for UK recruitment franchises normally ranges from £20,000 - £50,000.

If you think you have the skills and determination to run a recruitment franchise in the UK market, then you should take a look at what opportunities we have on offer. Please follow the link below to see what recruitment franchise opportunities we currently have on offer.

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