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The property and estate agent franchise opportunities that exist in the UK are all benefiting from the increase in population and rising living ages. With more people living in the UK, there is a need for more accommodation to shelter this increased population, and property and estate agent franchises are there to help. Even though the UK property market is often talked about on the news, the market performance for the industry is quite consistently strong and has a good outlook. With government schemes like help to buy, estate agent franchises are benefiting from more incentives to help get younger people onto the property ladder.

As mentioned above, the property market is quite consistently strong, but it does shift thoroughly each year. Right now, we are experiencing a sellers’ market which means the rental market is strong. This can and will most likely change, which means property & estate agent franchisees need to be adaptable to keep up with the constant market shifts. These low and high market shifts mean property and estate agent franchise opportunities require an aspiring franchisee that can endure the low points, whilst thriving during the high points. To see more detail on the market, you should check out – Property & Estate Agent Franchises: What’s Out There?

Whilst all of the estate agent franchise opportunities that we have on offer are performing well, you will find that some will suit you more than others and this might be down to their requirements. One thing to consider is that the minimum investment level for these opportunities vary considerably, with some above £50,000 whereas others can be around £10,000.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to work in a fast pace environment that has shifting market performance, whilst overall staying strong, then you should consider one of our property & estate agent franchise opportunities. Please follow the link below to see what estate agent franchise opportunities we currently have on offer.

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