Pet Franchise Opportunities

Pet Franchise Opportunities

One of the most profitable franchise markets right now is the pet franchise market. This market is growing consistently thanks to a UK population that loves their furry animals. There are loads of different types of pet franchises opportunities for investors to get involved in with everything from dog walking to boarding for pets springing up all over the place. Find out more about pet franchises below as we answer some of your questions.

What Is A Pet Franchise?

Loving animals and caring for their wellbeing is a staple requirement in any of the pet franchise opportunities we have in the UK, but this does not mean that all pet franchises offer the same service. The types of pet franchise opportunities in the UK that exist include:

  • Pet Care Franchises
  • Pet Walking Franchises
  • Dog Training Franchises
  • Pet Product Delivery Franchises
  • Pet Pampering Franchises

With so much to choose from, you are sure to find a pet franchise that is going to suit you. There are around 8.5 million dogs in the UK alone so make sure to consider this when choosing your investment.

How Big Is The Market?

When you consider that 44% of households in the UK have a pet, it demonstrates quite how large the pet franchise market really is. With 24% of the population having a dog in their household, dogs are the favourite pet of choice for British families. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the majority of pet franchise opportunities target dog owners. On the other hand, around 17% of households have a cat so this is not something which should be ignored when it comes to understanding the market. When you consider the fact that there are around 66 million people living in the UK, the percentages of pet owners account for a lot of people.

Is There Profit To Be Made?

Pet franchise opportunities continue to flourish as the demand from the UK population keeps increasing. This can be seen by the fact that the average dog owner will spend anything between £16,000 to £31,000 in their dog’s lifetime, which is only around 11 years.

In comparison to this, cat owners are estimated to spend around £17,000 over the lifetime of their cats. This contributes to the staggering £4bn spent on pets each year in the UK. This can be seen in more detail here – Animal Lovers making Pet Franchises Bark Not Bite.

Not only is the pet care industry bringing in a lot of profit, but pet food is also very popular due to the number of households with these pets. It has been estimated that this market sees profits of around £2.6 billion so if you are thinking of having your focus be on pet food then you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late.

Why Should You Invest?

Apart from the obvious fact of this being a very profitable market, there are plenty of other benefits. The other great aspect of the pet franchise market is that many of the opportunities offer flexible working, meaning you can run your own business around your own personal commitments. With animals and dogs continuing to be popular in the UK and with no expectations of this decreasing, this really is a great time to start your own pet franchise.

How Do I Get Started?

If you love animals and want to run your own business, then the pet franchise market may be perfect for you. We have plenty of different pet franchise options listed on our site so make sure to follow the link below to see all the current pet franchise opportunities we have available right here in the UK.

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