The magazine franchise opportunities we have in the UK are some of the best magazine franchises you will find globally. This is coming from the UK publishing industries boom over the past few years with total sales rising to over £4 billion pounds. These figures also revealed the UK’s love affair with everything book and magazine related. This is partly coming from the invention of the e-book, something which has driven unprecedented growth for the likes of Amazon.

Magazine franchise opportunities all have one thing in common, they focus on publishing. The specialties within magazine franchise opportunities will be very franchise dependant, for example, some will be more of a creative aspect, whereas others might be market research magazines. The franchises you will find in the magazine franchise industry will typically cost less than other franchises we have on offer. The reason you can expect a lower minimum investment cost is normally due to the low set up cost required to get started.

One benefit that is driving aspiring franchisees towards magazine franchise opportunities is the fact that many of them offer flexible working arrangements. This is perfect for a mother or father that wants to have the ability to work from home but also have the opportunity to run their own company.

If you love books, magazines or anything publishing related and you also have the motivation to push yourself to succeed, then chances are we have a franchise opportunity for you. Please follow the link below to see what magazine franchise opportunities we currently have on offer.

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