Home Improvement

The UK home improvement franchise market is driven by the UK population wanting to improve the comfort, look and value of their homes. 2017, in particular, was a great year for home improvement franchises as roughly a quarter of the entire UK population was expected to complete some kind of home improvement. The result of all these home improvement activities can be seen in the UK property market value, which increased by 3.5% last year.

The major trends that are positively impacting the UK home improvement franchise market are focused on why people are choosing home improvement as an alternative to moving houses. With large fees and expenses coming from moving houses such as commission, legal fees, removal cost and surveyors, home improvement offers a lower cost alternative to improve your living accommodation. As moving houses normally means moving to a new location, potentially very far from where you lived before, this can cause distress for family life. Needing new schools, dentists and doctors are just some of the challenges of moving houses and this is causing many homeowners choosing to improve their homes over moving.

The UK home improvement franchise industry is performing very well and the current trends are driving expectations of continued growth for the foreseeable future. Whilst all the franchises that operate in this market are around home improvement, there are significant differences in the opportunities available. Here are just some of the types of franchises that operate in the home improvement franchise market:

  • Landscaping Franchises
  • Property Maintenance Franchises
  • Window & Door Franchises
  • Locksmith Franchises
  • Gardening Franchises

As you can see the market is diverse for the opportunities available, meaning if you want to help improve the homes of others whilst running your own business, then chances are we have a franchise opportunity perfect for you. Follow the link below to see what home improvement franchise opportunities we have available in the UK currently.

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