Health & Beauty

The health & beauty franchise market is in the best shape its ever been in. In 2015 the entire UK cosmetics industry reached an impressive milestone when they began to outpace the famous French beauty market with a market value of £4 billion. This combined with the staggering market performance of the whole wellness industry of £3.7 trillion, are the likely factors for the increase in health & beauty franchise opportunities.

These figures are a great sign to aspiring franchisees that there’s never been a better time to invest in a health & beauty franchise in the UK. If you are considering this market, you have to find a particular category within the market that interests you as the opportunities do vary. The health & beauty market has many niche categories but the majority fall within one of the below:

  • Hair Salon Franchises
  • Nail Manicure Franchises
  • Spa Industry Franchises
  • Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Franchises
  • Body Tanning Franchises
  • Wellness Tourism Franchises
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine Franchises

They’re two major trends impacting the health & beauty franchise market, both of which are very positive. The first is the growth in awareness and knowledge about health in the UK. This is driving people to eat healthy and organic food. The other is the increase in popular female vloggers providing demonstrations and advertisements for cosmetic, health & beauty products. Both of these are directing people to purchase more products and services within the UK, and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon. To read more about the latest performance and trends impacting the health & beauty franchise market, read this – Health, Beauty & Wellness Industry

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