The gardening franchise markets performance is unsurprisingly closely related to the number of home owners in the UK. As we continue to grow as a population, the number of houses being built is increasing to keep up with the need of accommodation. This increase in homes in the UK is directly increasing the number of gardens, which is driving the growth of gardening franchise opportunities.

The UK gardening franchise industry has seen significant growth in recent years because of the growth of homeowners in the UK. This growth has now made the gardening industry worth in excess of £5 billion.

Everybody has a different idea for the perfect garden. This creates a market where they’re many types of businesses and services which specialise on particular areas within the market. As you can see for gardening franchise opportunities, the main categories within this market are:

  • Grounds Maintenance Franchises
  • Landscaping Franchises
  • Lawn Care Franchises
  • Gardening Infrastructure Franchises
  • Gardening Clearance Franchises

To be successful in this industry you don’t normally need any previous experience as a comprehensive training plan is included in the majority of gardening franchise opportunities. The main desirable traits for an aspiring franchisee in this market is that they have a passion for gardening with a drive to grow a successful business.

With the current population growth expectations, we anticipate a continued increase in the number of homeowners in the UK. This is directly related to the expected increase in performance of gardening franchises. With continued growth in the market and a great outlook for the future, if you have green fingers or want to run a business where you can work outside, then perhaps a gardening franchise opportunity is for you. If this does interest you then please find the link below to see what gardening franchise opportunities we currently have on offer.

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