Food Franchise Opportunities

Food Franchise Opportunities

No matter where you go in the UK, you’ll find food franchises that are owned by large corporations lining the streets and food courts. Food franchises in the UK are still considered one of the most sought-after franchising models available because of amazing demand for this type of franchise. This is partly because when most people think of the franchise industry they consider some of the famous food franchises out there, such as McDonalds and Subway but there are plenty more to choose from than just that. Everyone knows how successful these franchises are and they want to get involved in this industry. The food and beverage industry in the UK has been estimated to have a turnover of £80 billion a year so if you want to be involved in this industry keep reading below.

What Is the Demand Like?

Within the food franchise market, there is a huge variety of different franchise options and people are always wanting to try something new. The people of the UK like to go out to eat and by 2019, the amount that is spent on restaurants and eating out in the UK is set to grow to £10 billion. This demand is crazy but extremely lucrative, and it shows why you should get into the UK food franchise industry right away.

How Big Is The Market?

The market for UK food franchises is huge with 7% of the UK’s GDP coming from the food and beverage industry. UK food franchises have undergone sustained growth and according to the National Statistics Food Statistics, the UK Agri-food sector contributed a massive £112bn to the national gross value added in 2016. This £112bn was a £2bn rise from the previous year and demonstrates the health of the market even during politically uncertain times.

Which Categories Perform Best?

As with any markets, the different categories within the food industry are all performing differently, and trends are highly impacting the performance of food franchises UK based. One trend is the growth in positive thinking around health & wellbeing. This is leading towards a large uptake of people only eating organic food.

The organic food market is growing strongly, and it is said to be worth £2.09 billion at this point. This trend is producing the need for more food franchises that offer organic meals and products. Many franchisors are already aware of this and are adapting their menus to participate in the growth. This can be seen in more detail here – Food Franchises UK: Industry Report

Why Choose A Food Franchise?

There are loads of reasons for choosing a food franchise UK with everything from flexibility to huge ROIs to be enjoyed. Food franchise opportunities in the UK come in all shapes and sizes and will also offer a large range of flexibility for working hours depending on the franchise of choice. When you choose a food franchise, you can also benefit from the brand awareness and the company marketing that won’t cost you a penny.

Who Can Start A Food Franchise?

With such a large diversity, the requirements for new franchisees in this market vary largely, especially in terms of the minimum investment cost. On our site, you’ll find some franchises that will cost under £20,000 as a minimum investment while others are above £50,000. Whether you want to run a van food franchise, fast food franchise or a dessert stall – your love for food will help you to succeed. If you have the determination to drive you and your franchise to success, then we will have a food franchise opportunity for you here at Start Your New Franchise.

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