Education Franchise Opportunities

Education Franchise Opportunities

The education franchise market has seen rapid growth to become a booming industry in the UK. At the turn of the century, around 250,000 tutors helped 1.5 million UK children and by 2015, these numbers have more than doubled to 520,000 tutors working with 3 million students. Every education franchise opportunity we have on offer is looking to recruit more aspiring franchisees to their network as they know there is plenty of demand for their market.

Who Is The Target Market?

The target market for an education franchise will depend on what level of study they are teaching. In theory, the education franchise target market can be for nearly everybody in the UK, with the number of subjects and levels available being able to facilitate most areas of study. As education franchise opportunities will have you working with schools and families alike, this has driven growth in the industry. Currently, the UK education industry is worth £17.5 billion as some form of private education is becoming a norm for most families. Because of how broad the market is for this industry, you can really focus on whatever aspect you want and still expect a profit.

How Does The Market Look?

Right now, it is fair to say that the educational franchise market is looking good. For potential investors, it is interesting to note that the private tutoring industry alone is making a profit of around £6.5 billion per year so there is definitely money to be made in this category.

Although the market is quite broad, and adults are definitely targeted by the education franchise industry it would be silly to ignore the potential for education franchises for children. Research has shown that a whopping 93% of children in the UK take part in extra-curricular activities and this includes educational activities.

Where Should You Focus?

Each education franchise opportunity on offer will specialise on improving the education for its students in a particular area. As a drive to further improve core skills is coming from the UK government, some schools are doing this at the detriment to other subjects. Many parents are seeing this and realising that additional tutoring is required, and this is one place where educational franchises are being considered.

It is interesting to note that parents are willing to do everything they can to give their children a good education with a recent survey showing that some parents are willing to spend up to £50,000 more on their home to ensure that they are in the right catchment area. To see this in more detail, take a look at this article – UK Education Franchises: On the Rise?

Who Can Invest In An Education Franchise?

Investing in an education franchise is for those who want to help people grow with their education. A lot of the education franchises that are available on our site will cost you below £20,000 to invest but you will find some that are a little more to begin with. As long as you have the money and the skills required to get started on your education franchise adventure, you are very likely to get rack up some good profits.

If you enjoy improving child development or want to enhance the skills of adults, then an education franchise opportunity would be great for you. Make sure to check out the rest of our site to find out more. Follow the link below to see what education franchise opportunities we currently have on offer and you are sure to find the right opportunity for you.

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