Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Cleaning companies are taking the UK franchise market by storm and they are showing no sign of stopping any time soon. No matter what sort of state the UK economy is in, businesses will always need to be cleaned and giving off the best impression to their clients. Investing in a cleaning franchise is something which can end up being profitable due to the 5.4 million businesses and 27 million households in the UK right now so make sure to find out more below if you are interested in investing.

How big is the current market?

The cleaning franchise market is one with a robust structure that plays a vital role in the UK’s economy. With over £24 billion contributed to the UK economy from the cleaning industry, many people are now understanding the potential of cleaning franchises. The cleaning franchise market is roughly 10% of the entire UK cleaning market and it employs over 700,00 people in the UK every year. This shows the massive potential for investment in this industry.

What are the types of cleaning franchises?

When it comes to cleaning franchises, they can be split into two main categories. Arguably the most popular type is the commercial cleaning franchise. This type of franchise has clients from all over the business sector and involves cleaning offices and buildings used by commercial businesses.

On the other side of the market is the residential cleaning franchise sector which involves cleaning households and can be anything from special chimney cleaning to a whole home cleaning service. When you invest in a cleaning franchise, you don’t normally undertake the cleaning responsibilities rather you employ a team of trained cleaners who will do everything they can to impress your clients.

Is there room for growth?

One trend that is a very positive factor for the cleaning franchise market is the shift in working arrangements at most UK’s homes. In today’s market, three-quarters of UK mums are now working and having long careers rather than staying at home like in the past. This means that the daily cleaning jobs a traditional housewife would complete are now being missed and left. This trend is great for the UK economy and great for the cleaning franchise market. With both partners working, families now have more disposable income. With a higher disposable income and many more cleaning jobs being missed at home, cleaning franchises are here to help and seize the opportunity.

To understand the trends impacting the cleaning franchise market in more detail, then take a read of this – Cleaning Franchises UK: Industry Overview.

Is it worth the investment?

One common element for a cleaning franchise opportunity is that they have a relatively low investment cost compared to the rest of the franchise market. Predictions for the cleaning market suggest that by 2020 the total sales for the cleaning franchise market will rise by £500 million.

The cleaning franchise opportunities we have on offer come in all shapes and sizes with many opportunities suitable for a large range of aspiring franchisees. With such a diversity of cleaning franchises on offer, the perfect franchisee and the normal working conditions are quite different so there will be something for everyone.

Why are people investing?

With a great market performance, an increase in people working in the market and an outstanding forecast, it’s no surprise we are seeing many more aspiring franchisees applying to start a cleaning franchise opportunity. Cleaning franchises tend to have their own area that they operate in, so it is important that you get involved before you miss your opportunity.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to seize this chance, then follow the link below to take a look at our current cleaning franchise opportunities.

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