Childrens Franchise Opportunities

Childrens Franchise Opportunities

The UK childrens franchise market is one of the most lucrative markets out there right now because of how in demand these services are. Around 19% of the UK’s population is made up of children and the rest with their parents and grandparents who are willing to pay for these clubs or groups with their disposable cash.

Children Franchises come in all shapes and sizes but are predominately focused around child development. This focus on child development is the reason we are seeing a strong market performance for children franchises in the UK, as parents feel that there aren’t enough opportunities at schools. Find some answers to commonly asked questions below.

What Is A Children Franchise?

Children’s franchises come in a wide variety of categories. There are educational franchises, musical franchises and many more. You’ll find that most of the after school activities are run by franchisees and so they are very in demand due to busy parents needing to find things for their kids to do while they are still at work. The amount of money that these parents are willing to pay on these clubs is crazy with research showing that fees often adding up to around £15,000 per child over their childhood.

What Is The Market Like?

Children franchises that focus on physical or emotional development know that their position is strong in the UK. The reason for this is that parent spend on extra-curricular activities keep increasing at all ages. This increase in spending is due to parents having less time on average to provide their own child development, whilst also understanding the importance of child development. It is estimated that only 7% of children don’t participate in extra-curricular activities, this leaves 93% of all children that you can consider a children franchises target market.

In terms of the profits that can be made in this industry, it is interesting to notes that the private tutoring industry in the UK is worth around £6.5 billion each year.

Which Categories Show Potential?

Children franchises that focus on education are seeing a strong growth due to the fact parents highly prioritise education. As you can see here UK Education Franchises on the Rise, the UK’s performance on education compared to the rest of the world isn’t top quality. With the lack of performance, our schools are outputting by themselves, many parents look toward children franchises that can provide their child with some extra education.

The other concerning statistic from this article is that around 22% of 15 year olds didn’t reach level 2 in maths. Considering this is the baseline requirement for maths-based questions that adults face daily, it demonstrates the need for additional tutoring for around a quarter of the UK child population.

The other area that children franchises can provide additional educational benefit comes from the rise of schools that require an entrance exam. Parents know that education is vital to succeed in today’s world and that schools perform at different levels. This is driving parents attempting to enter their children into the best schools, which often include these entrance exams, to invest in tutoring.

Who Can Invest In A Children Franchise?

Children franchises range in the services they provide and the cost it takes to invest. This means chances are, if you are interested in child development, at least one of the children franchises we have on offer, will interest you. You’ll find that most of the childrens franchise opportunities that we have on our site will cost you under £20,000 to invest in so you don’t need to spend too much start earning. You don’t need too much experience to invest in a childrens franchise, as long as you have the money and the knowledge required you are sure to get yourself a profit.

If you like what you hear and think you’d like to know more about investing, make sure to follow the link below to see all the children franchises we currently have on offer.

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