Care Franchise Opportunities

Care Franchise Opportunities

Care franchises are springing up all over the UK as many people are taking advantage of the growing market. Care franchises in the UK feel safe in knowing that their future is very positive due to the fact their target market is expected to grow exponentially for the foreseeable future. The UK population is getting older and the life expectancy is extending with women expected to live to at least 85 years old by 2026. This is backed up by the UK’s private care’s market performance, which has seen year-on-year growth and is expected to rise to around £50 billion this year. Keep reading to hear more about the UK care franchise market.

Who Can Invest In A Care Franchise?

Care franchises are looking for franchisees that have a passion for the health and well-being of individuals to join their franchise ranks. Joining one of the many care franchises provides you with the opportunity to give back to the community of people that paved the way for you to succeed in today’s world.

The investment cost depends on which care franchises you are interested in but in general, they range anywhere between £5,000 - £50,000. Care franchises require this investment cost for you to get up and running in an industry that can provide a positive return on investment with an excellent opportunity for growth.

What Is The Market Like?

The growth of the care franchises target market is due to the increase in the number of people living in the UK and the increase in life expectancy. We currently have around 18% of the UK population that are over 65 years old, but the current expectation is that by 2046, around 25% of the population will be at least 65 years old. This also sadly means that by 2024, it is expected that the number of people under 15 will be lower than those over 65.

Although this is sad, the ageing population is a massive reason why you should invest in this market. This can be seen in more detail on Why is the Demand for Senior Care Franchises Rising.

Why Else Is The Market Growing?

Not only is the market growing because of the rise in the age of the population, there is also the increased risk of dementia to consider. This horrible illness affects people of the older generation leading them to move into care homes or use care franchises. As the rate of this illness increases, it is expected that 2 million people in the UK will suffer by 2051. This means that care franchises will be used more frequently in the future and you should invest now if you want to make a difference while making a great ROI.

Why Should You Invest In A Care Franchise?

Investing in a care franchise is something which you could really benefit from. If you take a look at our care franchises that we have to offer, you’ll get help with registering with the Quality Care Commission and advice on anything that you need to know. Working in the care industry is extremely rewarding as you know that you are helping those who cannot help themselves. You’ll feel good and be reaping the profits at the same time.

If you want to help provide care to all those that need it through investing in a care franchise, then you should follow the link below to see the current care franchises we have on offer.

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