Recent studies have found that the average profit margins within Business-to-Business, franchises have now exceeded £225k and the number of businesses in the UK has increased significantly over time. There are now over 5 million businesses registered in the UK.

B2B or business to business franchises allows you to deal directly with other businesses. Most franchises opportunities require you to deal directly with the end user of your product or service and these are typically classed as B2C or business to consumer.

Many businesspeople prefer to work in B2B industries, as their customer’s purchase decisions are often taken based on qualitative facts and figures, meaning that their product or service has a fair chance of standing up against any bigger competition in the market.

We are working alongside some of the UK’s biggest and most well know brands within the B2B franchise sectors and many of these come with comprehensive training programs which give you all of the foundations on which to create a long term and hugely profitable business

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