Automotive Franchise Opportunities

Automotive Franchise Opportunities

If you are thinking about getting into the UK automotive franchise industry, you should know that this is one of the best industries to invest in right now. The huge selection of different franchise opportunities available means that there is something for everyone in this industry. Below, we answer some of your burning questions about the UK automotive franchise industry.

What shape is this industry currently in?

The UK automotive franchise industry is in the best shape of its life, hitting a 17-year production high. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the UK currently has over 33.5 million cars on the road. This is coming from an 8.5% positive change in manufacturing from 2015 to 2016. This positive change in the industry has resulted in a 71.6 billion UK automotive turnover meaning that more people are considering investing in the automotive franchise industry.

Why should I choose a franchise?

When you choose a franchise in the automotive industry you are giving yourself an edge that you wouldn’t already have if you simply started your own business. As a whole, the UK franchise industry contributes more than £15 billion to the UK economy meaning that many people are seeing the benefits of this type of business. With a franchise, you are joining a recognised brand and you’ll get the benefits of training and an established market to get you started.

What types of automotive franchises are there?

The car franchise and automotive franchise industry is comprised of a range of different franchise opportunities. Some examples of these types of franchises are:

  • Auto-Repair Franchises
  • Car Valeting Franchises
  • Car Hire Franchises
  • Automotive Cosmetic Franchises
  • Automotive Services Franchises
  • Paint & Chip Repair Franchises

What is the demand for this type of franchise?

The variety of automotive franchises or related services available are vast, due to the excellent performance of the industry and the demand coming from the consumer. People will always need car services, they’ll need to rent them, they’ll need to get them cleaned and they’ll need to get them repaired when something happens suddenly. A recent poll stated that 80% of British people enjoy driving and so it will likely be a long time before the need for car franchises reduces.

Can I run it successfully?

Training is normally provided for all types of automotive franchise opportunities, so experience isn’t normally a necessity, but it can help in running the franchise. What they are looking for is automotive passion and this will go a long way in the industry. You’ll be able to get on your feet in no time with the help of the company and your employees.

With the current demand for automotive businesses, more people have been opting to work in this industry. With over 800,000 people working in UK automotive businesses, the demand for employees shouldn’t be an issue when it comes time for your setting up your new franchise.

Where is the industry going?

When you consider an automotive franchise opportunity, you need to evaluate it against the market to understand whether it’s a great opportunity or not. With the current political uncertainty, many consumers are seeking to renovate or repair their current cars instead of purchasing new ones. This has increased the demand for automotive franchises like paint & chip repair franchises and auto-repair franchises, as you can see here – Automotive Aftermarket: The Car Repair Franchise Industry.

Research suggests that in the last 3 years, the cost of repairing vehicles has increased by 32%. Cars are getting more advanced and so repairs on these features tend to cost a little more. This means that this is a profitable industry right now and you should invest in it before it is too late.

Please feel free to take a look through the list of automotive franchise opportunities available and take the next step in building your own high-income business with the backing of a major brand behind you.

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